The Project

Our project aims to investigate more closely, and with a historical perspective, the changes taking place in disease patterns, and the lived experience of illness in Africa.

The Team

We are a team of highly-experienced researchers with multi-disciplinary backgrounds.


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Latest Stories from Our Blog

Scenes from Wasteland: Researching health and illness in South Africa’s Karoo Heartland

In 1966, Mary Douglas famously defined pollution as ‘matter out of place.’ The now-ubiquitous presence of waste in South Africa’s Karoo Heartland is one such incongruity. Traditionally, The Karoo has conjured images of desolate, pristine landscapes. Over the...

Mental health and mental illness in Africa: ‘The Fifth NCD’

October is recognised as Mental Health Awareness Month and several events were organised throughout the UK around this issue. One event I attended in London was a discussion entitled, ‘The Fifth NCD: Integrating Mental Health Care within NCD Prevention and Control’....

Community perceptions on the role of sexual activity on stroke: a qualitative study exploring the views of Ghanaian local community residents

Stroke is a major cause of morbidity and mortality and sometimes comes with multifaceted complications including sexual dysfunction. Even though there is some evidence that living with a stroke can result in sexual dysfunction, there are contradictory views regarding...