The Project

Our project aims to investigate more closely, and with a historical perspective, the changes taking place in disease patterns, and the lived experience of illness in Africa.

The Team

We are a team of highly-experienced researchers with multi-disciplinary backgrounds.


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Latest Stories from Our Blog

Reframing NCDs and Global Health: Thoughts on the Lancet Debate

In light of this week’s upcoming UN High Level meeting on non-communicable diseases (NCDs), it may be useful to revisit last year’s Lancet Global Health discussion on reframing NCDs (Allen, 2017; Allen & Feigl, 2017c; Horton, 2017). The debate highlighted a number...

Non-Communicable Disease: Prevention and Management Dilemma

In late April, I attended and presented at the Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation 16th Annual Conference in Los Angeles, USA ( whose theme this year was ‘Non-Communicable Disease: Prevention and...

Integrating Critical Social Science and Global Health Policy

In June 2017, I participated in a workshop on Cancer in the South hosted by Dr. Carlo Caduff at King’s College London. Historians and anthropologists gathered around a table in Somerset House and shared works in progress on cancer case studies from across the Global...