The Lancet Noncommunicable Disease and Injury Poverty Commission (NCDI Poverty Commission: was set up in late 2015 and is due to report later this year. Set up to ‘reframe’ understandings of NCDs and injuries around the vulnerabilities of the ‘poorest billion’, it stems in part from a recognition that of the inadequacies of existing frameworks and their inability to account for the experience of NCDs in many parts of the ‘global south’. One of the countries involved in the Commission is Malawi, and so I have been following the work of the commissioners there as they review existing data and pull together ideas for a new government strategy on NCDs. An outline of their work was recently published in the Malawi Medical Journal, Volume 29, No.2, June 2017.

About Megan Vaughan

Megan Vaughan joined the Institute of Advanced Studies at UCL in October 2015 as Professor of African History and Health. Her work, which crosses disciplinary boundaries, has focused on the history of medicine and psychiatry in Africa, on the history of famine, food supply and gender relations and on slavery in the Indian Ocean region.