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Dr. Chisomo Kalinga

Dr. Chisomo Kalinga

I completed my doctoral studies in English research at King’s College London in July 2014. My work focuses on responses to HIV/AIDS with regional interests in Anglophone Africa (with specialization on Malawi), the United States and the United Kingdom. My research scope includes illness narratives and medical humanities scholarship.

I recently completed a research project at IASH titled ‘Narratives of Magic and Medicine in British Central Africa Protectorate/Nyasaland: Journals of the Medical Missionaries from the Church of Scotland (1875-1915)’. By examining the legacy of Scottish missionary work in Malawi in the context of colonialism and empire, I was able to trace the influences of Scottish enterprises in the development of Malawi’s modern medical and literary cultures.

My long-term objective is to provide cultural and historical analyses to contemporary medical crises, particularly the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi, through an review of artistic, literary and narrative productions.

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